Dear Viewers, DB design
please allow us to address ourselves to you and kindly ask for your attention in presenting to you "the ecologocal oasis of Europe" - Croatia, the land of thousands of natural beauties and the sea from a fairy-tale. In short: the "MAPA-3"  is a rather young real estate agency, active in past six years, and thus becoming the leading agency, we dare say, in the whole of Croatia. We are selling our own flats and houses. At the moment we employ 18 young people (from 20 to max. 40 years of age). We are active in all segments of real estate business: houses, land, appartments, business premises, purchase, sale and lease. We perform our duties only very professionally, and are active on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. If you are interested in more detailed information, or you wish to gain better insight, please. do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be glad to send you the adequate material.   We quarantee, you'll be thrilled with the natural beauties of Croatia, a small land for a big vacation.